About Tiffany Forsberg

My story about how I got to where I'm today both personally and as an artist.

I grew up in and around Eugene Oregon and was raised by a single mom who was an artist. She was a model, graphic artist, designed clothes and redid homes. She taught me a lot about style and we would often go thrifting together to find great vintage pieces. She would take my sister and I to the Oregon Country Fair every year where I’d direct traffic on my horse and sell handmade garlands. It was a very hippie upbringing and I learned how to be an entrepreneur at a very young age. I did very well in High School but was yearning to travel. I was modeling at the time in Portland and knew that that may be my ticket to see the world. Once I graduated we packed up the house and moved to Seattle. Within 2 months I was modeling in Milan, Paris, Hamburg, Spain and Taipei.

About Tiffany Forsberg’s

Back home I was working in Seattle, LA and Dallas. I did this for about 4 years and knew that my career was about to be over so I set my sight on Dallas where I started College at UTD and got my Business Degree. I met my husband during this time and we fell in love. I started working at a little jewelry store at Galleria called Ylang23. It was where I was meant to be. It was a great job and I was able to use my skills to grow a great career. I ended up working there for 17 years selling beautiful designer jewelry!

During which time I had two beautiful children Hannah and Jad. They are my pride and joy and are very talented and super smart. They got into acting, singing and modeling, so I knew I needed to take a break from my career to help them develop their talents. It was acting class, stage presence, vocal lessons, dance class, even drums. Hannah was dancing at Cowboys games and competing. Jad was modeling, singing and drumming. At the same time, I started my own jewelry site on Etsy.com. I knew I needed to find another source of income to support all these expensive classes and trips! I started designing jewelry and found some craftspeople to make my designs. I’m now in the process of having my own website made. I’m also a fashion stylist and have styled for Magazines, Artists and Commercial Campaigns. Again, another source of income! Ok, so if this is not enough work I’ve created for myself I decided to create a TV show based on the young music scene in Dallas. I am currently pitching it to Networks and getting a lot of interest! My life is a little busy right now, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

My art and what I hope others will take away from my work?

I design jewelry. I love real gem stones and design pieces that are beautiful as well as timeless. I get my inspiration from old Hollywood movies and nature. If you look at my collection you will see a general theme which is elegant, soft and sophisticated. I want the person wearing my jewelry to feel beautiful. Several well-known people have my pieces. The ones I can mention are Kim Kardashian, Oprah, Jennie McCarthy, Tamela Mann and LeeAnne Locken.

For my film projects I produced “Love Past Blue the Band” which premiered at The Zed Film Festival 2017 and won three awards, “The Mary Pickford Award”, “Top Music Documentary short” and “Outstanding producing” as well as honorable mention by LA Underground Film Forum. Which inspired me to develop a non-scripted TV show called “Rock Family” which is currently being pitched to Networks

For my styling I love to create an updated version of Old Hollywood looks, whether it be from the 40’s, 50′ or 60’s.
That has become my trademark and I get that from my mom. I’m on the creative team for several Country Music and Pop singers. I love giving them a look that is fresh, elegant and sexy. I just finished styling three EP covers and a Music Video. I’m on to LA where we are doing a big photo-shoot in the desert.